Onomea Bay, Hawaii

Onomea Bay, Hawaii

Original Oil Painting by Rosemarie Morelli.
28″ x 34″ framed.
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Onomea Bay depicts the sunken sea arch, a spectacular view from the cliff side highway heading out from Hilo. I discovered this bay while driving to Kona. It was so beautiful, I had to pull over, set up my french easel and started to paint. I delayed the Kona trip 4 days to stay in Hilo so to nearly finish the painting, laying in the values and shapes, make color notations, fine tune the proportions and perspective. The clouds changed so rapidly going from sunny to cloudy within minutes along the pacific coast. It was such a challenge to work fast while waiting for the right atmospheric conditions to make a commitment to, but I was loving it and loving being on that cliff. When I finally did arrive in Kona, I was somewhat unimpressed and happy I made the decision to stay to work on the painting. This is the ultimate benefit of an artist traveling alone – you never know what great panoramic vistas you’ll happen upon that will inspire the impulse to stop and create! The canvas was too big to carry on the plane, so I shipped it home ahead for later finishing.

About Rosemarie Morelli Art Studio

Realism, Impressionism and Surrealism Fine Artist - Academic Art Instructor in painting, drawing and illustration to students age 9-adult.
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