Student Work – Adults

Paintings and drawings are the property of the students of Rosemarie Morelli Art Studio School. No unauthorized use. All rights reserved.

R: 1st Place Blue Ribbon winner, Carol-Ann Palmieri, L: 2nd Place Red Ribbon Winner, Amanda Baldi

Adult student, Jen-rung captures the brass and wood of her first trump l’oeil study.




RosemarieMorelliArtStudio_FranWoods RosemarieMorelliArtStudio_YelenaForest RosemarieMorelliArtStudio_CathBarn1 RosemarieMorelliArtStudio_AnnetteMeadow

Buffaloes, Charcoal Drawing by Jack Collier. Beginner Drawing Adult Student.
Photo ©Rosemarie Morelli Art Studio & School



Student charcoal drawing by Carol Palmieri.
Rosemarie Morelli Art Studio & School.

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