There are still spaces left for 2018 kids summer classes. Registration is ongoing!

Tiger, oil on canvas sheet. 13-year old Maddie learns to see and render more values to build a better 3-dimensional form.

2018 Summer Art Program for Children and Teens age 8-17.

NEW CLASS: Outdoor Landscape Painting for Teens. NEW HOURS EXTENDED:
All classes run daily, Monday-Friday 1-4 pm.

2018 SUMMER TUITION – ALL CLASSES includes materials:
$210 per 5-day week,
$175 July 4th week (SPECIAL HOLIDAY RATE if 4-days enrolled. No class Wednesday, July 4th)
$45.00/diem if less than 5 days on all other weeks.
(Scroll to see schedule, detailed project descriptions and registration form.)

Children and Teens enjoy learning how to become better artists At Rosemarie Morelli Art Studio School. Summer Art Workshop Weeks offer students both group and individual instruction in Drawing, Painting and Illustration. The relaxed-structured classes allow students to work on their main project of their choosing at their own speed. Individual instruction is provided to guide each student’s level of ability to a better understanding of art. Each day includes a fun, short group activity designed to inspire and focus; teach a “how to…” art technique; and build the fundamental skills necessary to improve their drawing and painting while exploring the elements of landscapes, seascapes, still life objects, portrait, anatomy, animals and fantasy characters. Students create artworks in their choice of media: oil, acrylic and watercolor paints; pastels; pen & ink; color pencil; charcoal; conte crayons; graphite; and 3D multi-media materials including plaster, modeling clay, papers, fabrics, and textiles.

RosemarieMorelliArtStudio_SamanthaPuppyAge9Rosemarie Morelli Art Studio School provides a fun and supportive learning environment for children and teens of all skill levels. The studio classroom is equipped with drafting tables and easels; stocked with quality fine art supplies; offers a bright and safe workspace; air-conditioned; and has convenient off-street parking for easy drop off and pick up with direct entry into the 1st floor studio. Students will also be outside for outdoor group sketch activities.


WEEK 1: June 25-29, all ages
WEEK 2: July 2 – 6, all ages 
WEEK 3:  July 9-13, all ages 
WEEK 4:  July 16-20: Ages 14-18
A Mid-Summer’s Art Workshop For High School Students
WEEK  5:  July 23-27: Ages 13-18. NEW!

     Outdoor Landscape Painting Workshop For Teens
WEEK  6:  July 30-August 3, all ages
WEEK  7:  August 6-10, all ages

WEEK  8:  August 13-17, all ages
WEEK 9:  August 20-24, all ages


NEW for Week 5!
Outdoor Landscape Painting Workshop For Teens: “En Plein Air” Ages 13-17 (Middle and High School Students)
This is a 5-day workshop where students will learn all the stages of painting an oil landscape scene on-site in nature’s light. “En Plein Air” is French for “in the open air.” 1, 2 or 3 different locales in Walpole and/or Medfield will be the designated drop off and pick up sites for each afternoon painting class. If rain, we will have class back at the studio relevant to landscape painting. Art materials, French easels and shade umbrellas will be provided. Bring your sun hats, sunscreen, water and snacks! Headphones welcome.

All other weeks offer students their choice from any of the projects below and includes a daily group “core learning” sketch study.

“Caught In The Act” graphite illustration by Amy Schubert

Illustrating the Imaginative Scene – Students who wish to take on a multi-step, week-long project, will learn the process of creating an illustration scene transformed from their imagination or literature concept. This includes planning and designing a storyboard sketch used to direct the final rendering of the finished artwork.  With the aid of understanding traditional art fundamentals, students will learn how to research and use the right images and/or the setting up of objects under the right lighting to create a more realistic and unified scene of people, animals or mythological creatures interacting in an imaginative environment. Illustration may be rendered in any media including paint

Rosemarie_Morelli_Students_IMG_1769IMG_1493Drawing & Painting Animals & Creatures  –
Students choose from a menagerie of animal images including pets, backyard wild, safari & zoo animals; fish & sea creatures; birds, amphibians & reptiles; winged or crawling insects.  Students will learn to understand and see how to set up the shapes for drawing the anatomy, see and layer in the values for building the 3-dimension form; then learn to detail in the textures such as fur, scales, or feathers for achieving a more realistic likeness or in capturing an expression of the animal’s characteristics. Students work in their choice of media: Oil*, Acrylic, Watercolor Paints; Pastels, Pen & Ink, Color Pencil, Conte Crayon or Charcoal. *Oil paint restricted to age 12+ or instructor’s discretion.

IMG_0580IMG_0561Rosemarie_Morelli_Students_IMG_2655Landscape/Seascape Painting in Oil*, Acrylics or Watercolors 
Create a landscape or seascape while learning the techniques for a more realistic and painterly, or expressive interpretation of sky, clouds, trees, meadows, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, ocean waves…etc. Students will learn about proportions, shadows, highlights, and understand perspective and depth of field for creating a more atmospheric painting. *Oil paint restricted to age 12+ or instructor’s discretion.

RosemarieMorelliArtStudio_RileyStillLifeIMG_0563Draw, Paint and Illustrate Still Life
and Objects  

For students who like to draw or paint more realistically, this class focuses on how to create a better likeness of still life objects using their choice of media. Household objects, flowers, sports equipment, cloths, toys, fashion accessories, things from nature…. Students will learn to see and render a better 3-dimensional form; make metal surfaces look reflective and glass transparent; learn techniques to depict shiny and dull, textured or smooth, wood grains or stone; liquids and droplets. A Trompe L’oil scene will also be set up as a choice. Students are welcome to bring in their favorite things, toys, or musical instruments.

IMG_3016SophiaPortraitMG_0319Mid Summer Art Workshop – For High School Students (8th graders welcome)
A popular sell-out for high school teens who prefer to create amongst their peers. Students enjoy working at their own pace creating artworks of their choosing in a relaxed environment with their peers. Students select from any Painting, Drawing or Illustration project to create artworks depicting Human or Animal Portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes, Cityscapes, Architecture, Interiors, Still Life or Objects from Nature. Multi-media and 3D Art – Mural Panel Painting, Block Printing and Plaster Relief Sculpture. Group sketching and individualized instruction is given to improve each student’s art skills and rendering techniques. A large stock-photo library and reference materials is available to inspire. Drawing and Painting media include: Pastels, acrylics, oils, watercolor, color pencil, pen & ink, charcoal, conte crayon, graphite and a slew of fabrication scraps for constructing. Beginner thru Advanced – Art majors or non… welcome to Summer Art! Bring a light snack or drink. Headphones welcome.

Rosemarie_Morelli_Students_IMG_2973Plaster Relief Sculpture 
This multi-media art process uses clay, plaster and paint to make a 3D plaster relief wall plaque, frieze or tile. Students may design any subject including but not limited to animals, fish, head or face profile, flower, a modern-day hieroglyphic scene, graphic design element, decorative textile pattern, etc…! Art Nouveau or Deco, Egyptian, Roman, Primitive Masks…Contemporary Pop….whatever the student’s imagination! A library of art books and photos are available to accompany a brief art history presentation to inspire a reproduction or an original creation. Students will sketch their design for sculpting a clay slab mold, set the plaster, and paint or apply a faux patina finish of their choosing. This project requires 4-5 days to complete. Limit 1 Plaster Relief Scultpure per tuition week.

Linoleum Block Printing –  Minimum Age 12+ or per instructor’s discretion.
Learn how to create multiple art prints or greeting cards of your illustration or graphic design to give to your family and friends. Instructor will first demonstrate step by step how to transfer an image sketch onto a soft block, etch, apply ink and print to paper using single and multi-color process. Linoleum Block Printing process uses sharp carving tools that require strong hand coordination. This project needs 3-5 days to finish and includes printing up to (10) 11″x14″ framable prints or (20) 5″x7″ note cards. Limit 1 Block Print project per tuition week.


Please print and fill out form below and mail along with a $100 deposit check per child week to reserve your child’s space made payable to Rosemarie Morelli, 399 North St., Walpole, MA 02081, or call the studio to pre-register over the phone 508-668-4933. Email: All deposits are 100% refundable should classes sell out or if school cancels. Print additional copies per siblings. Balance is due on or before start of class date and payable by check. We are sorry that makeups are not available for missed classes during summer workshop weeks.

Student Name_____________________________________________
Age____ Grade entering 2018/19 school year________
List your child’s art project(s) main interest/strengths if known:
Parent name:______________________________________________
Parent email:______________________________________________
Home phone:_____________________Text:______________________
Emergency contact:__________________________________________
Relevant medical conditions, allergies or learning challenges (strictly confidential)

$210  per 5-day week,
$175  Week 2 only (SPECIAL HOLIDAY RATE if 4-days enrolled. No class Wednesday, July 4th)
$45.00/diem if less than 5 days on all other weeks.

Week 1: June 25-29
              circle if per diem:             M   T  W  Th  F          Total Fee:______
Week 2: July 2, 3, 5, 6 – No Class July 4th
            circle if per diem:             M   T         Th  F          Total Fee:______
Week 3:  July 9-15 
             circle if per diem:             M   T  W  Th  F          Total Fee:______
Week 4:  July 16-20 – High School Teen Week
             circle if per diem:             M   T  W  Th  F          Total Fee:______
Week 5:  July 23-27 – Outdoor Landscape Painting For Teens
             3-day minimum:             M   T  W  Th  F          Total Fee:______
Week 6:  July 30-August 3
             circle if per diem:             M   T  W  Th  F          Total Fee:______
Week 7:  August 6-10 
             circle if per diem:             M   T  W  Th  F          Total Fee:______
Week 8:  August 13-17 
             circle if per diem:             M   T  W  Th  F          Total Fee:______
Week 9:  August 20-24 
             circle if per diem:             M   T  W  Th  F          Total Fee:______

Total Fee______

Less $100 deposit/student week_____

Total Due_____


About Rosemarie Morelli Art Studio

Realism, Impressionism and Surrealism Fine Artist - Academic Art Instructor in painting, drawing and illustration to students age 9-adult.
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