Class FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Class Policies:

Do I need to provide my own supplies and materials?
Adults will be given a supply list to purchase of their own when they enroll. Children’s classes include all supplies and media materials.

I’m a beginner and not sure if art classes are right for me. Can I try a class?
Yes. Children and adults are welcome to try a class for $30. Children’s supplies are always included, but adults may want to try a class to be sure it is right for them before investing in oil paints, brushes, etc.

Does it matter which time slot I choose given my level of ability?
No. All classes are taught the same content and include a wide range of student levels from beginner to advanced. All students work on their own projects at their own speed and receive individual instruction accordingly. Teacher demos and “follow the teacher” painting techniques are taught intermittently throughout the year as a group instructional. For children, it is preferable to group them according to age range.

Do I have to be enrolled for the entire year?
No. You may do as many or as few sessions as you like. However, enrollment is automatically renewed on a continued basis to hold your spot unless you notify me 2 weeks in advance before your current session ends that you plan to discontinue.  If you wish to discontinue or want to break for a leave of absence for any length of time, your spot will be given to the next student on the waiting list.

Do I have to formally register for each session if I continue throughout the year?
No. Once you enroll in your first session, that is your spot for consecutive sessions following until you notify me otherwise. Most students continue throughout the year, enjoying their session time blocks as a convenient way to pay.

Will I lose my spot if I break between sessions?
I am sorry that I cannot hold or guarantee spots when a student leaves for any length of time between sessions.

I am a new student, I start my session at any time or do I have to wait for the next session start date?
No. New students may jump into a session at any time during its cycle to start art classes. You will be on your won rotation cycle or pro-rated. Just fill out and mail the registration form indicating a start date for your first session, or email me the information. Your space will be reserved upon receipt of a deposit check with full balance due on or before your indicated start date.

When and how do I pay?
All tuition is due on or before the first day of each session. New students, upon registration mail a deposit check along with their registration form with the balance due on their first day of class. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

What if I can’t do an entire session. Will I have to pay for the full session?Sessions cannot be pro-rated or refunded should you drop out or discontinue any time before a session ends. However, ongoing students who want to add in a few more weeks before taking a break, are welcome to pay the per diem rate. For Adult students breaking for the summer months, your last spring session will be pro-rated should the June end date fall short of your session. All children’s final spring session will be pro-rated for June end date. Adult Students continuing into the summer may carry over any unused weeks from their last spring session. Adult summer “pay-as-you-go” is available to continuing students and must be scheduled ahead.

What is your policy if I need to miss a class. Can I make up classes?
Providing there is space in another class, you are allowed one make-up per session which must be used before that session ends, otherwise it is forfeited. Make ups cannot be carried over into future sessions. Make ups are a courtesy and not guaranteed. No-shows will not be allowed a make up. Sessions cannot be extended as a makeup when a student misses classes for any reason. No makeups given during summer months. Please be courteous if you cannot attend class for any reason by letting me know as early as possible via text, phone or email. Others may be waiting for a make up opening.

Do I have to makeup holidays or school vacation breaks?
No. You need not worry about that as holidays are already accounted for and built into the schedule as skip overs, paying only for the number of classes scheduled within a session.




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